We are a photography website that allows users to create profiles, upload and share unlimited photos, seek photography advice, critique other users' photos, and compete in contests. We are a Vancouver based startup and we've launched the beta version of this site in August 2015, with the Founder as the only employee of the company. Currently, the site is solely managed, developed, and operated by Tony Wei; however, it is certainly a possibility that PhotoShare will be hiring additional employees on board in the near future!

Our website is seen as a community where aspiring photographers, both amateur and professional, can share their work with the world, seek photography advice in order to improve, and join weekly competitions to compare their work with others. As of today, we currently have a rapidly growing user base, with more signing up in the past month than in the last quarter of 2015! There are also multiple premium features users can access after upgrading their account (a one-time fee of $10 Canadian dollars), such as unlimited uploads, unlimited photo advice requests, participating in photo competitions, and website user interface customizations. Please sign up today to receive a limited-time offer of 14 days of FREE PhotoShare Premium upgrade! The website is available in both English as well as Simplified Chinese.



Sign up for free by registering with your email or your Facebook account. Please make sure to fill in your associate # from your photo club so that your competition submissions are recognized. If you do not know your associate #, please contact your club organizer.
Participate in your photo club's monthly or weekly photo competitions, and submitting to them is as easy as uploading your photos to the website! You can also choose to attend the competition in person (subject to your photo club's rules)
Receive your competition results via email after the competition is over. If you are eligible for a prize or medal, please contact your club organizer to pick them up, or simply claim them at the competition. Results will also be posted on the website.


Sign up for free by registering with your email or your Facebook account. You do not need to provide any other personal info.
Upload your best or funniest photos! Since this is a site not just for private club members, photographers of all skill levels are welcome.
Browse photos, critique them, and search for valuable advice on specific photography-related skills to help each other improve.


Photography is able to let us cherish memories forever.

Photography can allow us to capture the current moment, and allow memories to become eternal. Today, photography is commonplace, but we take it too much for granted since in the old days (few hundred years ago), being able to do this is like having magical powers.

Photography is able to let us discover the beauty in everyday life

Once we make note of the finer details in life, we eventually will find the many beautiful things in life. We will start to find joy in the things we do, and thus photography changes our everyday experiences.

Photography is able to let us forget about the sad things in life

Because photography forces all of our attention to the present, all of our pressure and sadness from the past will disappear!

Photography is able to let us help others discover their own beauty

Many people believe they aren't up to their own standards, whereas many photographers believe that all people in this world are equally beautiful. Photographers are able to discover and reveal the beauty in others who may not realize it themselves.

Photography is able to let us communicate on a level above spoken language and cultural interaction

Photography is like music; it is able to break cultural and language barriers and use transparency to connect people around the world!


We launched the website back in August 2015 and we're based out of Metro Vancouver. The founder, Tony Wei, had worked on it as a hobby while attending his final year at the University of Waterloo, with intentions of making Photoshare a web-based startup. Click here to visit Tony's personal website. Since then, new features of the website have been pushed out to the public at least three times a week, which recently included the Learn & Improve feature as well as several major user interface and performance upgrades. Since our inception, we have always been very active on social media. Please check out the links on the bottom of this page for our Facebook, Twitter, and we are also active on AngelList, Youtube, and Google+!


Our website features a home page where all the popular photos are displayed, such as most liked, most commented, recently uploaded, and even highest competition scored. One major feature of the site is the Learn & Improve page where free users can request up to 10 photography-related advices per day and premium users have unlimited requests. Another feature is the ability for special users, called chairmen, to initiate photo competitions in which premium users can submit their photos to, and certified judges can give these photos a score out of 10. The winner of the competition can win prizes. Users of Photoshare are able to log in without registering an account by linking their Facebook account. Apps for iPhone and Android are currently under development.

About the Founder

Tony is a hacker and aspiring entrepreneur from the University of Waterloo. He built PhotoShare with the intent of connecting photographers around the world to share, critique, and improve their photography.

PhotoShare A photo sharing, critiquing, and competition website

PhotoShare provides for both amateur and professional photographers a platform where they can share their best photos, critique each others' works, learn from each other's critiques, and participate in photo competitions.

Got questions or feedback? Interested in joining us?

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